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BlackBerry is synonymous with commerce in today’s world. Point Com Infoway understands the indispensability and entrepreneurial influence of the BlackBerry as a smartphone, providing customers with rich, innovative and flexible BlackBerry mobile application solutions.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of mobile application development allows us to create ready-to-use and cost-effective applications that improve connectivity and provide a rich multimedia user experience.

Our applications are highly scalable, feature-rich and have built-in security features that add value to users. We create applications tailored to the needs of our customers – from business programs such as organization tools, planners, connectors, to fun and interactive games.
Whether targeting the business, consumer, or gaming market, our BlackBerry apps stand out for their creativity and rich usability.

As a certified BlackBerry application developer, we have the privilege of using RIM’s advanced and standardized technologies. Using the powerful BlackBerry operating system, we create applications in a variety of ways, including applications using Eclipse Pulsar, Java applications using RIM APIs, and cross-platform Java applications using MIDP and CLDC libraries.

BlackBerry PlayBook App (Development)

The BlackBerry PlayBook promises to revolutionize the tablet market. With an attractive design and advanced features, the PlayBook is built for the elite global runner, for whom staying connected means business. DCI is now participating in the development of the BlackBerry PlayBook application. With strong expertise in developing iPad and other mobile apps, we plan to create breakthrough apps for the PlayBook.

BlackBerry devices don’t do well in media wars, but they can win the market share war. While the iPhone and Android dominate the tech headlines, BlackBerry has penetrated big business and recently extended its reach to many consumers. Research In Motion (RIM) has worked to enable developers to create engaging apps for their phones, and you might be surprised to learn that these devices can do just about everything their flashiest competitors do, plus some things. that they can’t do.

This article walks you through the basic facts of BlackBerry development. You’ll learn enough to decide if and how BlackBerry fits into your mobile product strategy, and start preparing to write great BlackBerry apps.

BlackBerry Development Environments

The BlackBerry toolset has improved dramatically over the past year. If you haven’t touched the platform in a few years, you’ll be happy with what it has to offer now.

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE), combining an SDK, an IDE and a set of emulators, has plagued developers for years. This Swing-based app gets the job done, but it uses a 1994-like user interface, with confusing debugging and inconsistent keybindings. It offers the convenience of a single download with everything you need to develop and debug on emulators and devices, but it can be a pain to use.
Each version of JDE is associated with a specific version of BlackBerry OS. So, for example, if you wanted to target OS 5.0, you would download JDE version 5.0. I’ll talk more about versions later in this article, but for now, please note that all BlackBerry Java apps are compatible with later versions.
Applications written using JDE version 4.2 will run on 5.0 devices, but applications written on 5.0 JDE may not run on 4.2 devices.
Due to shortcomings of JDE, developers often turn to their own favorite IDEs, such as NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA. Since most BlackBerry applications are written in Java, you can use any Java editor to write your application code. However, other IDEs generally don’t integrate well with debugging and require plugins or custom scripts to build and debug BlackBerry apps.

The BlackBerry landscape changed when RIM announced a custom plug-in for Eclipse that combined its ability to customize the JDE with the ease of use of Eclipse. The latest version of BlackBerry Java Plugin is available for Eclipse 3.