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What is PHP?

PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language. It is one of the fundamental web technologies and most websites use this language. PHP includes several precise functions and important features that allow businesses to create feature-rich web pages and database-driven sites.

What is a PHP developer?

A PHP developer is basically a software developer who is proficient in PHP and the various technologies that use it. By default, PHP developers can be considered backend developers as they are likely to have experience with the following backend technologies.


These are the building blocks of the popular LAMP stack. Also, since PHP is a language primarily used for processing business logic, PHP developers tend to branch off to other languages, such as JavaScript.

Key Features of PHP

Open Source Software – Since PHP source code is freely available on the web, you can create as many versions of PHP as you want for free.
Performance – PHP scripts run much faster than scripts developed in other languages ​​such as ASP and JSP.
Platform Independence – Since PHP is available for MAC, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, an application developed on one operating system can also run on other operating systems effortlessly.
Embedded – You can embed PHP code in scripts and HTML tags.

Roles and Responsibilities of PHP Developers

Create, Test and Deploy New Innovative Web Applications Professionally
Use CSS, HTML and JS
Test Websites on Multiple Devices and Browsers
Research and Explore Various Architectures Considerations
Communicate and Collaborate with other team members to resolve conflicts, prioritize, and choose the best solution
Create a plan to keep the site always up-to-date
Suggest performance improvements
Refactor existing codebases to improve architecture
Provide specifications detailed techniques such as product features, budgets, programming languages, communication protocols, functions, structures and deadlines
Understand the latest programming practices and web technologies

Why use PHP?

PHP is considered excellent for web development for a number of reasons.
It is simple and inexpensive to set up, making it easy to deploy server-side applications.

PHP is also considered easy to use, making it easier to master compared to other more specialized programming languages.

Much of PHP has been maintained and updated over the decades to ensure it remains highly functional and relevant. The PHP development team even updated the language to use object-oriented programming, keeping it competitive with languages ​​like JavaScript.

Out of the box, PHP is designed to work seamlessly with the most widely used database languages ​​such as MySQL.
This ensures that your web development runs smoothly no matter how much data you are dealing with.

PHP is designed to process large amounts of server-side data, making it ideal for web development environments.

One of the benefits of being an older language is that PHP has a large developer community and extensive documentation to help you use it.

There are plenty of personal guides and message boards out there to give you the tips and tools you need to get the most out of PHP.

In addition, there is a large set of functional frameworks on which various server-side modules and applications can be built.

Benefits of Using PHP

Open Source Software

PHP is an open source programming language, which means developers don’t have to pay to use it. The PHP framework is also free and makes building web applications faster and easier.

Platform Independent

PHP works on all operating systems and requires no special software to render web applications on web browsers. Many web applications on the Internet still use PHP as their back-end technology.

Easy to learn

PHP is designed to be simple and easy to maintain.
Developers with experience in other programming languages ​​will find PHP a bit different, but still easy to understand.


PHP is used for the backend and can be easily connected to the database. Indeed, PHP was designed with specific features to effectively facilitate these connections. Unsurprisingly, PHP is part of the popular LAMP stack.


PHP’s efficiency in managing databases makes it an excellent choice for creating high-performance web applications that are accessible to users with below-average Internet connections.
PHP can load websites quickly.


PHP uses the MVC architecture to keep the code clean and easy to maintain.


PHP has built-in features and tools to protect web applications against security threats such as SQL injection, tampering, and data tampering.


PHP has been around for a long time and is very stable compared to other modern languages.


PHP has a very active community on the internet and on Stack Overflow, where it’s easy to find answers to many questions and implement them in your code.

Companies using PHP


Why use PHP and not just any other programming language?

In this technological world, there are tons of programming languages ​​available for companies to create websites and applications such as Python, JavaScript, Node JS and PHP. Of these, most companies are looking to hire PHP developers. So why does PHP
stand out from other programming languages?

The functional nature of PHP makes it easier to learn than other programming languages,  including JavaScript.
JavaScript seems to be harder to learn due to the complexity and use of event queues. There’s an interesting cold war going on between PHP and JavaScript, and PHP shows no signs of dying.

When we compared Node.js and PHP from different angles including performance, frameworks, hosting, and coding, PHP won out.

Again, Python vs. PHP is a never-ending battle, and we can’t escape the fact that Python is cooler than PHP in several areas, and vice versa!
When evaluating performance, Python beats PHP with its approach to code composition. However, with 79.0% of websites using PHP and 1.1% using Python, we can conclude that PHP dominates Python.

The most popular PHP frameworks you can rely on
We have to write thousands of lines of code to create a web application, which is a trivial task.
PHP frameworks become a lifeline for PHP developers with well-organized, maintainable and reusable code.

So what’s the point of developing applications using a PHP framework instead of plain PHP?

So look at some key benefits –

frameworks make it easier for PHP developers to extend the system
MVC pattern ensures rapid development
frameworks better protect web applications against common security threats
“don’t not” repeat

Why am I hiring an Indian PHP developer?

Outsourcing PHP development services to India is not new, it has been going on for many years. The main difference is that the early PHP developers switched to providing services, but now with the development of technology and collaboration tools, their services are starting to provide services.
Today, development services are outsourced on a large scale to India, with custom PHP development services taking a significant share. Also, PHP development companies in India cover a large part of the software development industry and are well recognized for PHP web development services.

Outsourcing to India and hiring PHP developers can bring many benefits to various businesses. Here are some reasons why other countries consider India as their top choice:
Money Factor – Labor costs in India are cheaper than other countries so you can get high quality at lower operating prices
First Class Service and Technology – PHP Professionals India is well equipped with all the latest technology and infrastructure
Stable Government – In relative terms, Indian government is more stable and puts more l Emphasis on Development of IT Sector
Lead Time – Outsourcing Companies in India ensure that there is no compromise on quality of service Reduced Lead Time in case of
Unmatched Quality – Indian professionals are renowned for their strong technical knowledge and the quality of their work is undeniably up to international standards.  these benefits only if you have the right model.
Things to check before hiring a PHP developer
Choosing the right PHP developer is crucial because, in the end, they are the ones who turn your dreams into reality.
To find out if the company you are hiring is expert and experienced in PHP application development services, you can analyze their job portfolio and experience.

In general, an effective PHP developer should be proficient in CMS development, web integration, social media applications, Zend, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, etc. As a leading PHP development company, we offer some additional tips that can help you choose the “right PHP programmer” for your project. Read this before hiring a PHP developer.