Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

All contents displayed on our site are protected under standard copyright and trademark laws. You may not copy, modify, republish, upload, post, distribute in any form, any of these contents without prior permission.

We do not control, operate on behalf or endorse any third parties on our website. When you are using our website, you have to assume complete responsibility for your use.

Web art vision agrees to provide the agreed services to the clients as selected by the client in writing or in the form of filling the order forms and in exchange will accept standard payment of fees in compliance with the agreement signed between both parties.


Establishment of further business relations is contingent upon receipt of payment from the client to WebArt Vision. All services provided by us are non-refundable. We, however, discuss and resolve billing errors, if any.


In the case of business agreement of a business deal related to any web marketing services to be provided by us, a contract will be signed between both parties, where the dates of renewal will be clearly stated. Any service may be resumed only upon renewal of the contract.